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Aidan <aidan.smarttalk@...>

Where can I find band in a box and the scripts for it?

On 28/12/2014, Jennifer Nickols via Jfw <> wrote:
Hi All,

After googling the accessibility of garage band for PC users with JAWS, I
stumbled upon a few posts from this list dated September 2013, leading me
join your group.

It was suggested that Band In A Box may be the next best thing for PC users
as it had been scripted up to the 2013 version, however, as a year has now
passed, I am wondering if anyone can tell me whether Garage Band has been
made more accessible for JAWS users? I still struggle with iTunes, so I
not holding my breath, but I would really love to find a programme similar
to Garage Band which I can use with JAWS 15. If there are other programmes
out which have been scripted for JAWS, I would very much appreciate any

I do apologise if this has been discussed recently, but would appreciate

With Kind Regards,

Jen Nickols

Tasmania, Australia

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