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david <davidwhitehead1957@...>

although your doing the correct procedure, I'm not sure why the messages
don't go into the draft folder.
you can also,
while creating/composing the message,
press ctrl+s=save,
this automatically places the message into the draft folder,

so, to find this message,
ctrl+y=go to folder,
d=drafts press enter,
here you should see the message which you were composing.

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Hi, all.

Today, I once again experienced a very annoying Outlook 2010 issue, that I
keep forgetting to ask about.

If I am writing an e-mail, and find the need to leave my computer before
sending the message, I often like to save my message in the drafts folder.
My usual way of doing this is to hit the escape key, at which time I will be
asked whether I want the message to be saved. Of course, I respond by
answering "yes", thinking that all should be well.

Today, as has happened in at least several other instances, when I do this,
I look for the supposedly saved message in my drafts folder, and it is not
there. I check both my local drafts folder, and the drafts folder under my
expanded outlook folders.

This afternoon, when it happened again, I even checked my drafts folder on
the g-mail web site, under my personal g-mail account, and it was not there

What makes this especially annoying is that I did not have this problem a
month or so ago.

I'm wondering if something has been updated so as to make this saving
function less easy to perform?

Any help with this issue would be appreciated.

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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