Re: 12 and outlook 2010

Bill Spiry

Doesn't sound like a jaws issue, at least not due to outlook 2010, I'm not
having any speed issues with OL10.avingof

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Missed the version of jaws you are using,and even if new is it 64 bit?.
Jaws 12 seems a bit slow but how many programmes are running at start up,
have you tried using ms outlook? Dorothy do you have running at start.

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Subject: 12 and outlook 2010

Can anyone tell me if there is any steps that should be taken to use jaws
with outlook 2010?
the reason I ask is that it runs so slow that its almost unuseable. When I
delete an email it takes like 5 seconds to read the next item.

running a new laptop that is no slouch so its not the machine.


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