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Dan Kerstetter <dhk55@...>

From the inbox you can shift tab once. There if you arrow down, you'll see
a list of your folders. Find the one you want to delete and right click
using either the applications key or shift f10. The list of options is
quite lengthy, but there is a delete option.



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You must use the applications key or shift plus f10.

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Hi. I'm trying to delete a mail folder in Outlook 2013, but when I try to
right click on it nothing happens. I've checked online and the instructions
I found tell me to right click on the folder in question and it'll bring up
options to rename, delete, etc., but when I do a right click absolutely
nothing happens. Is this a JAWS 16 issue or an Outlook 2013 issue, or am I
doing it totally wrong? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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