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david <davidwhitehead1957@...>

no no no no, no need to press enter,

this just places you into the list of messages for that particular folder.
if your wanting to delete a folder,

you need to place yourself into the folder view,

so, from the inbox, do a shift tab,
now you can lettter navigate to the folder you wish to delete, you can press
the applications key, or shift f10, up arrow and enter on delete, or? you
could use the delete key.

note, these instructions assume you have the folders all on the same level,
and not have the folders inside the inbox.

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I have found that first you need to press enter on a folder, before you can
delete it. Try that.

Dave Carlson
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Hi. I'm trying to delete a mail folder in Outlook 2013, but when I try to
right click on it nothing happens. I've checked online and the instructions
I found tell me to right click on the folder in question and it'll bring up
options to rename, delete, etc., but when I do a right click absolutely
nothing happens. Is this a JAWS 16 issue or an Outlook 2013 issue, or am I
doing it totally wrong? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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