Re: Bank Websites with Jaws


Hi there,

I sure hope this is JAWS related, alright.
At least I have been glad to read how each of you are finding the e-banking world using a screen reading software, in this case, and mine, Job Access With Speech, or JAWS.

I can still see the screen some, and each month for years now I've been doing my main e-banking and credit card transaction downloads and payments using IE9 and JAWS, and Quicken Deluxe 2009. I do not yet enjoy the process, but can do it. I just sigh relief and go have a plate of cookies and mile when I am finished. Highly recommended as a motivator!

For me it is a mixed bag. I sometimes do pretty well. And other times I get hung up and scared to death I am going to make a mistake.
I wish it were easier. But it is better than it was a couple years ago now. I think the screen reading software, for me latest update in JAWS 12, and the websites have improved. Quicken has not improved all that much but I can using it still pretty well with keyboard shortcuts for all the basics. I hope to get around to setting up the APH product, Money Talks, but as yet have not transitioned there.

One of the nightmares for me is that I have to really watch out because JAWS will echo something that has just passed. Or I will think I am on this or that button, only to find out by going back and forth or up and down arrow, that in fact, JAWS was NOT on the button or field that it has spoken.

It has been stated on this list that this is a known issue with JAWS. And I don't mind having to put up with it, except when it is as important as it is when doing important online functions like this!

On each of the sites that I regularly use, Chase Visa, Bank of America, American Express, and my local banking institution, I am good about half to three-quarter of the time. But when I get myself all hung up, I am glad I can still see just enough to get myself out of the jam, to sort things out. But that is not either a reliable thing as my peepers are pretty much not always able to make things out as I would like, and not for so very long as I like many others have a degenerative eye condition for which there is fix or upgrade.

I am sure you also have each noticed that it is the case where invariably you just get fairly adept and comfortable with using these websites, and they go and change the security and redesign the website with another layer you have to learn all over again. I am sure in some ways, it is very necessary to keep our accounts secure. But sometimes, the old paper checkbook and a check writing guide and a talking calculator look mighty fine again to this nervous Nellie.

Any more tips some of you may have for navigating these aforementioned types of e-banking places, I am all ears and fingers.
And good luck to you.


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