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Gerald Levy

Unfortunately, there is no disk imaging program I am aware of that is totally JAWS accessible. One imaging program that is partially JAWS accessible is Image for Windows, which is only accessible during the backup procedure. With this and every other imaging program I have looked at, you need sighted help to restore the image from an external hard drive because there is no speech accompanying the rescue CD that all these programs require you to create. There is a series of audio tutorials on the JAWS Users audio page that explains how to use Image for Windows to back up and restore a hard drive, but some sighted assistance and/or technical expertise is required, because you have to be able to open the case of your computer to swap out the internal drive. Just this morning, I was exploring Seagate Disk Wizard, which is a free version of the highly-acclaimedAcronis TrueImage program, but it turned out to be unusable with JAWS


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hello list,

Is there a simple possibly free, program to make a bootable backup of my windows hard disk.

I'm looking for a way to back up my internal disk so that in case of disaster I can restore it from a external disk and have it revert back to a earlier state.
Simple to use and Jaws friendly would be very helpful!

Anyone have any tips?

Eric Caron
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