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As far as I know, most of them should work well; I use Chase and a regional bank site and they both work well with either IE8/9 or Firefox. Most financial institutions have close to the same standards.

ONe thing some banks require, which you won't be able to do, is that they do a "security check" where they show a picture you previously selected and a pass-phrase. If you go to their page and the picture or phrase doesn't match what you initially specified, then you know it was hijacked and you shouldn't transact anything. The phrase is visible, but the picture obviously is not accessible. Chase does not do this, though and neither does Comerica..

I recall when I got started on iBanking, I had an issue with my security settings that wasn't letting me pay my bill. I called up my regional bank's customer support and spoke to a lady. I said as I was making an adjustment to IE's security settings that I used a screen reader. She said "Do you use Jaws?" I said as a matter of fact I did, and she said they made sure their site was optimized with Jaws before theyp put it on-line.

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Hi friends,

I'm looking to set up a new bank account and wondered if anyone can give me
some insights into their experience with their bank's website accessibility
with Jaws. Whatever bank I go to must have a website that will work well
with Jaws. By the way, I'm using Jaws 12.

Any help would be appreciated.


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