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Stephanie Switzer

First of all: If it's related to jaws (how to use word with jaws ETC)
it belongs on this list. So no, stuff like that isn't off topic. The
admin has even said we could talk about openbook, and anything else
freedom scientific related. I've asked him before just to make sure
that I understood everything correctly. :)
As for why he's not monitoring this list (yes there's only one actual
moderator) I'm thinking that it has to do with him going back to
college, and some other stuff. Though, I'm not entirely sure. I just
wanted everyone to know that I did contact him via twitter, and asked
him to please check this list. So hopefully the off topic messages
will stop soon. By the way, that was my second of all, and third of
all things. lol.
If I knew people would listen to me I'd attempt to put a stop to them,
but as it stands I'm not an admin of this list. Though, I've been here
since probably 2008. :) I'm just a regular member like you, and I'm
sorry I can't help. :(
At the risk of sounding more like a jerk than what I feel like I have
already. I think I'll end this now. Have a great
day/evening/morning/night everyone!

On 12/13/14, Angel via Jfw <> wrote:
If it weren't for Jaws, or another screen reader, those programs mentioned
would not be accessible at all to us blind professionals. Therefore, the
most efficient use of such programs using Jaws is a worthy topic to be
discussing on a Jaws specific list. My understanding was, that was this
lists purpose? But, till Jaws is used on any of these mobile phone
platforms, it is not a suitable topic for a Jaws specific list. It can be
noted the name Jaws originally stood for Job access with speech. As many
job related programs, such as Microsoft Word, XL, and Power point, ETC.
Along with technical programs of which I personally am unaware are used by
those with Jobs whose efficient use is dependent on an expertise with the
screen reader discussed on this list, is why such programs are appropriate
for this list. Simply because they are used with Jaws, and they might not
be used as efficiently, if at all, by another screen reader. Or an
employer, or government agency may not have given the end user the choice of

the use of another screen reader. Which is often the case.
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Narrow mind, narrow focus, no collaboration, no invention, no solutions.
Open mind, open focus, collaboration, invention, solutions.

I agree that this is slightly off topic but so have been many of our
questions regarding excel and word and other programs that are only
to jaws by the fact that jaws runs with them. The fact that there is no
jaws UI for phones is a topic that has been clearly articulated by this
thread. The discussion of the UI or lack of it does relate directly to
as we all use our mobile devices just as much as our windows/jaws driven
machines in order to interact and thus our experience with JFW is
as it relates to the same experience on other important machines that
facilitate communication. It's a matter of continuity within the
of UI's and how the community of the blind can engage it successfully.

The emotional response that drives members to make this adversarial
the inspiration that started the forum. We all know that as a blind
we have to work harder to accomplish the same as one who is not
with the impairment and closing the discourse for proprietary reasoning
absurd. We need to help one another through collaboration, invention and
solution. It is okay to bring up topics that are slightly off topic so
we engage the fringe of perspective. This is what drives invention and
discovery which is what all of us are trying to do here...learn!

I appreciate keeping on topic and within the mission of the forum which
why when I read a few posts regarding slightly off topic subjects by our
members I ask to engage offlist. But without opening the dialog and
allowing discourse to take place there is no way for any alternative
engagement. Perhaps providing good guidelines for topics that are
"off-topic" would be helpful as I do not agree with the closed door
to open engagement and thus perhaps that is worthy of further discussion.

I have learned so much in the short time I have been involved with this
forum by reading the topics that stream into my inbox and communicating
members offlist and I'm very greatful for it.

Thanks to all of you.
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Subject: Off topic messages

I can't help but wonder why the moderators are not handling this cell
phone issue in a better manner.
There are general cell phone list, iPhone lists and android phone
lists. That has been established.
Siri is not JAWS. Whatever works with android is not JAWS.
Too bad if you don't want to bother to take the time to deal with
additional messages that might better serve your needs on another list.
That's your choice.
Moderators, would you please get this list back to the intended purpose.
Thank you.


Sunny Day
Maria Campbell

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.
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