Re: Outlook 2013: JAWS Crashing Every Time I Navigate There

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Have you downloaded Jaws 16 as a demo and tried it?

Another question is what views are yo u defaulting to in Outlook 2013?

Are you using imap, Exchange, pop3?

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Hello,fellow listers.

I am a JAWS 15 user--in this case, running the most recent 64-bit release of
that edition;: 15.0.12085. Recently, I have taken a new position as
contractor for a firm that requested I purchase and use Office 2013. While
I was expecting some minor accessibility glitches, what I have gotten today
goes far beyond that: I cannot interact at all with Outlook 2013 and JAWS.

With Word 2013 and Excel 2013, no accessibility problem of any sort has
manifested itself so far. But whenever I navigate to any open Outlook
screen--whether it's the Today screen or my e-mail inbox--JAWS instantly
shuts down due to an unidentified error. Just completely shuts
down--meaning that I have to re-start the program, which shuts down once
again as soon as I navigate back to Outlook.

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate on a Dell M6400 laptop loaded with 8 GB of

Naturally, I phoned the FS Help Desk, but the support technician said she is
not familiar with such a drastic error. And while she is recommending that
I upgrade to Ver. 16, she does not believe that this action in itself would
necessarily overcome the crashes I experience now every time.

Has anyone encountered this with Outlook 2013? Is there anything specific I
can do (as in the theme or background settings) to stop this error sequence
from happening again?

Kind regards,


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