Re: nothing on screen in internet explorer

Hozefa Tambawala

This would be the issue of IE. May be repairing or reinstalling IE fix
this issue.

On 12/2/14, Barbara Hansen via Jfw <> wrote:
Hi all,

I recently purchased a new Dell laptop. I am using JAWS 16 and windows 8.1.

For some reason, I am having this strange problem in Internet Explorer.
I go in to internet explorer, nothing is showing on the screen, however;
JAWS is working fine, so I can read it, however; a sighted person can't.
This may not be in anyway connected with JAWS, just not sure what is going
on. It appears that the program hasn't lost focuss and was wondering if
anyone had an idea as to what I might try.

Appreciate any ideas.

Barbara Hansen

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