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The JAWS cursor has been my friend in the past while using this program.
I've used it on several computers successfully by myself. Restoring
requires sighted assistance, but it hasn't been a problem for me.


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Hi Paul: I also have Acronis on one of my computers. I used it once with
sighted help, but I wasn't quite sure I set everything correctly, so I
haven't done it again and I don't have a good procedure. I'd gladly have
shared it if I'd had one.



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After posting this, I decided to try playing around with JAWS' OCR feature,
which I had never tried before. And although all the Freedom Scientific
documentation seems to imply this feature is for PDF documents, nonetheless
I was able to use it to read the Acronis controls. So I have a solution at
this point. But any other info from people who have used JAWS with Acronis
would be appreciated anyway. Thanks.
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