Re: How to turn off Google instant search auto-complete?

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if you use the below link as your home page,

you won't hear/see;
Screen-reader users, click here to turn off Google Instant.

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Subject: How to turn off Google instant search auto-complete?

Hi, everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving if you are in the US.

In today's Flying Blind Top Tech Tidbits news letter, there is a link where
you can go to turn off auto-complete when doing a google search.

I have accessed this link, but can't seem to find where to turn off the
instant search auto-complete function.

Here is the exirpt from the news letter.

7A) If you have experienced Google Instant, the feature of Google that fills
in search results as you type and which isn't terribly friendly to screen
readers, and have tried to turn it off without success, you might want to
try using these links for Google. In the US, try:
g==&ch=YiI7OQ_rHJWoCP2kCV7pUD796R3ANXj8G6rEv9Yu7CIg305AVcBNqg==> &hl=en

What am I missing?

In addition, if anyone can tell me how to turn the automatic bing search
feature off in Internet Explorer 11, that would be helpful too, since it
often gets in the way of Jaws navigation.

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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