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Thanks Nicole,
I tried the scroll lock key which didn't do anything I could tell. My next thought is maybe something on the VIEW menu inside Excel. I thnk I'm gonna start taking things apart here in preparation to reinstalling some stuff. There are more problems than just excel. So, here goes.

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I think this is an Excel problem. Your first thing to try is to hit the
scroll lock key, as this can cause some problematic things to happen.

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Don't know if this got through before:

Hi JAWS Folks,

I am using MS Office 2003 (Excel) on an XP Pro machine with JAWS 11 and
a powerbraille 80. All of a sudden, JAWS fails to read my Excel
worksheets. Moving from cell to cell makes no sound nor display.
Otherwise, JAWS is OK--though a bit slow.Would anyone have a clew what
I might have done and how to fix it? Should I look to JAWS or Office
for a fix?


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