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don wardlow <wardlows97@...>

I can help with info about a couple of USA banks. If you're in some other
country, I have no advice.
Here in the USA, I have found Wells Fargo and First Federal both to be very
accessible. They are the only two banks I've used since 1997.
A word of caution--be damn careful entering your bank password. They may
lock you out after only 1 failed attempt--that's what First Federal does. If
they lock you out, you have to call in and get yourself unlocked, so better
write down your bank password and enter it slowly and carefully.
If your bank issues you a credit or debit card, that may require another
user name and password. Again, this is my experience with First Federal.
Their Visa company requires a different combo so you can pay your Visa bill.


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Hi friends,

I'm looking to set up a new bank account and wondered if anyone can give me
some insights into their experience with their bank's website accessibility
with Jaws. Whatever bank I go to must have a website that will work well
with Jaws. By the way, I'm using Jaws 12.

Any help would be appreciated.


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