Re: Opening lists in file explorer with windows 8

Londa Peterson

I don't see this anywhere on my Windows 8.1 machine. Have you tried pressing
insert + escape to see if that will make JAWS read the list? Also, have you
checked your title bar when this happens? You might just be losing focus,
and an alt + tab should fix that.

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Subject: Opening lists in file explorer with windows 8

I moved to windows 8 a few days ago. Some things are going smoothly,
but ... In both Documents and Dropbox, Windows 8, Jaws 15 and Jaws
16, JAWS reports "Documents message" or "dropbox, message" and does
not speak the list of documents. sometimes I can find it with the
JAWS cursor, then rout JAWS to pc and get the screen back, and
sometimes the screen just appears blank. What's happening? anybody???



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