Re: please help me with my problem


you can try getting a usb to parallel adapter and that may work or purchase a pci card with a parallel port on it. not sure if window-eyes supports this though.

Legend has it that on Wednesday 11/19/2014 06:44 PM, Deb and Cori via Jfw said:
I got a new del computer, a pc with windows 7, jaws 16, and outlook 2013 and
office 2013.
I had been using an 18 year old power braille 80 sold by Telesensory
Systems Inc. It has been out of business for several years now.
With my old computer and windows xp was able to use it with parallel port.
On this new computer, there are only usb ports.
I want to continue to use the power braille 80 which is in no way broken,
but everyone says that you can not use it on a 64 bit computer with windows
seven and jaws 16.
If there is a connector, a card I can add to the computer, or some other way
I could make this work, I would like to know.
Please send me your thoughts.
Deb Ver Steeg


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