Wish to remove Sapi 5 from list of voice profiles


Hello list,

So it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but never really got
around to doing so.

I want to remove the SAPI 5 option from my list of voice profiles
(control+insert+S) as I never use this voice and would prefer to remove it
all together from the options in Jaws language, but can’t seem to figure out
how to do so. Going into the synthesizer and Braille Manager option from
within the Jaws Utilities menu and following the prompts, the only choice
I’m given is to add SAPI 5 64 bit, which is not what I want.

If it is indeed not possible to remove SAPI 5 all together, is there at
least a way to remove it from the list of options in the voice profile combo

Using the latest JFW 16.


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