Re: JAWS 16 fails to start after installation

Gerardo Corripio <gera1027@...>

Something similar happened when I upgraded, thus when the computer restarted, I again relaunched the Jaws16 download and away it went!
Let me explain further in case maybe you guys had the same problem: I executed the Jaws16 download as usual; it made the clicking sounds, and after awhile the program reported that it needed to restart the system, so I restarted. It restarted with Jaws15 in my case, as if I'd never executed the download! so I reexecuted the download, and away it went, performing the Jaws16 installation nicely!

El 18/11/2014 03:57 a.m., Stan Holdeman via Jfw escribió:
For me Jaws 16 also failed to work after installing from the download. It worked fine, though, after installing from the CD.


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@ Eyeball,

As JAWS 16 is not working, I installed JAWS 15.

@ Feliciano,

Repairing JAWS didn't worked.

On 11/17/14, Feliciano Godoy <theblindman12v@...> wrote:
Repair it by running the exe or inserting the disc.
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On Nov 16, 2014, at 6:07 AM, Hozefa Tambawala via Jfw
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Dear friends,

I am not getting JAWS output after installing JAWS 16. However,
during the JAWS setup, the JAWS is speaking without any issues. I have
restarted my system and tried to start JAWS manually but no success.

On the same machine, JAWS 15 is running perfectly.

I am running Windows 8.1

Can anybody assist me in this regard or provide me the contact
details of Freedom Scientific tech support?

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