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I'm currently working for a company called Techy Joe's in Colorado, which
puts together accessible computer systems for people with disabilities,
especially visual impairments. We have traditionally recommended the Canon
Canoscan LIDE series of scanners, along with OmniPage software, for our
visually impaired clients. OmniPage gives you the option of scanning a
document to an image, embedding the image in a JPG, or doing OCR on the
scanned image and saving as a MS Word file. JAWS will read the Word doc,
and JAWS can also do OCR on the scanned image, though the former is
certainly for efficient.

All that being said, I've recently purchased the scanner and OmniPage, and
I must admit that I've been using my residual vision extensively with the
OmniPage interface. I'm not yet convinced that it's 100% usable with JAWS.
But I hope to figure things out as I continue to work with the software.

For our clients who lack expertise with using computers, we usually set up
a system with the Canon scanner and the Dolphin Guide software. This is a
drop-dead simple and very accessible interface for having printed documents
read aloud to the user. I haven't tried this configuration personally, so
I'm not sure of all the capabilities yet, but I've seen it in use.

Let us know what you come up with.
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