JAWS and Adobe files

Michael Mote

Hi folks! Some of my clients are having an issue that I wanted to get input
from the JAWS users on to see if anyone had any good solutions.

For their job purposes, they have to access documents using Adobe Acrobat
reader's web browser lay-out. This is a requirement, and obviously not the
best way, but hear me out here. In the past, they were able to do this with
no major problems. Now, it seems that when they are trying to read the
information, which JAWS does well, when it works, the page shows as blank.
When you press the F5 key to refresh it, the information is displayed, and
they are able to move on. I'm wondering if I can change something that
would allow JAWS to display the information properly the first time, instead
of having to perform a refresh on the page every time. Thoughts from anyone
would be very helpful.

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