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Well, I have Word 2010 and I just used the old keystrokes and it worked.
Alt-V, h. I was in the Header field and when I arrowed down once, I was in
the footer field. I pressed Escape to get out of the header and back into
the document. I put a bunch of page breaks into the document just to see if
the header was working and when I did Alt-V, H again, I could use up and
down arrows and see the Header and Footer fields on all the pages.

I hope this helps.


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Subject: Creating headers in Word 2010 with JAWS

I want to create a header that will appear on every page in a long document.
This header will consist of my name, the work's title and a running page
number. I know to get to the start of this dialog in Word 2010 by pressing
alt-n for insert, h for header, then e for edit. However, at that point I
can't move focus at all. I ended up having my sighted assistant do it with
the mouse.

I've read the passage in CathyAnne Murtha's Word 2010 textbook, and she
writes as if this process is doable with JAWS. But her instructions take me
no further than I got myself.

Has anyone succeeded in creating such a header in word 2010 with JAWS? If
so, please give me some pointers. I will need to create headers for other
documents in the near future.
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