Re: JFW 16 and tables

Michael Mote

Have you tried to utilize the table layer? You can try it by using the JAWS
key plus spacebar command, followed by t for table. You have to be in the
table for this to work.

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Hello list,

With Jaws 16, I am finding that the table interaction is a much more tedious
one than with prior versions of JFW in that Jaws 16 treats many more
elements on a webpage or HTMl formatted email like a table. Thus, one has to
press the navigation key “T” a whole lot more times to get to the same place
where maybe one or two times would accomplish the same.

That and now, there seems to be a blank space between every line of text
when arrowing up and down. This wasn’t the case before.

I’m doubting it, but does anyone know of any settings to make JFW treat
tables as in JFW 15 and earlier?


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