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Windows 10 is probably looking at a late 2015 release. If you are in need of
a new system, you should be fine with a Windows 8.1 machine. There have been
many Jaws releases dealing with 8.1 by now with fixes making the user
experience a smoother one. General learning vurve aside... If you want to
skip Windows 8.1, you could also look into grabbing a refurbished Windows 7
computer as a stopgap.
I'm perfectly happy with my Windows 7 computer, but have been considering
one of those cheap Windows 8.1 tablets for a more portable solution as well.

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I still use XP.
How does Windows 8 work with Jaws?
I need a new machine and don't wish to purchase it unless Jaws is
compatible. I thought Windows 10 was being released soon.
I received Jaws16 disk in mail.

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I personally cannot go to 16 since still on xp but I would hang on to the
disk for resources and wait with installing until the first bugfix



update comes out. Watch the list for people reporting problems with thie
initial release before deciding whether or not to install the program

At 01:34 PM 11/14/2014, you wrote:
I haven't been following this thread religiously but I just got a disc
for Jaws 16. Considering the problems people have been habing with it
is it worth installing? Thanks, Judith

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