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Brad Martin

This is correct. You can tab before you post, and it will say, "With
so-and-so." But in mobile, you can't say Having dinner with @Kimber and
get it to populate. This is because the Mobile version of the site does
not include the technology to autopopulate the field; it probably uses
java script, which is not part of the mobile site. When using the regular
facebook site, I could tag in IE10 but not IE11, and I could always tag in

Hope that helps,

I have not gotten that to work on the mobile Facebook site, but if you
click on more options, you should be able to see an option that says to
tag friends.

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On Nov 5, 2014, at 9:59 AM, Luis Difut via Jfw <>

It only works on the regular FB site. The mobile site don't let you do

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Hi All,

I've read that I should be able to tag friends in Facebook posts by
the @ sign followed by the name of the friend. Supposedly when I start
typing the name, a list of choices should appear from which I ought to
able to select the friend I want to tag. This doesn't happen for me with
either firefox or internet explorer.

Am I missing something? Or is tagging not possible when using a screen



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