Re: Adding items to Start Menu... was When will JAWS 13 be out?



Man, where did you learn all that? I've been wasting my time all these years
groping through folders and subfolders, and all I needed to do was the
Applications key? I take my hat off to you, my friend. There's a whole lot
of Windows hidden in that Applications key just sitting there, waiting for
me to stumble on it.

Good stuff!

Dave Carlson
From my Dell Latitude 630.
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Somebody wrote:

Hello there;

Someone was asking how to add item to the start menu?

Are we asking for windows XP?

I wasn't sure about that. If using Windows 7, the previous directions about
pinning items to the Start Menu are correct. If we're talking about XP, the
procedure is almost as simple.
1. Find the program that you want to add to the Start Menu.
2. Press the Application key or Shift-f10, then arrow down to Copy and
press Enter.
3. Go to the Start button and use the application key again. Arrow down to
Explore All Users and press Enter.
4. The Start Menu tree view will be open in Windows Explorer. Press Tab
once, then ctrl+v.
5. Press Alt+F4 to close Windows Explorer.
6. Open the Start menu as you normally do and you should find the new entry.


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