budding blind musician but bad jaws user

Brian Varner <bvarner05@...>


I will be trying to record and post a song set to the internet I've
been working on and would like advice on the best way to do this that
would be jaws accessible. I have an olympus digital recorder that
I've been using. it creates wma files that evidently need to be
converted to a video format for posting on facebook. A sighted friend
did that for me but the sound quality diminished quite a bit and the
file was posted on my timeline and kept ketting pushed back, unless I
kept hitting "share" to move it up. People don't like it when you
keep sharing the same thing all the time so I am letting the share
button take a break for now. My sighted friend wants to post my
tracks on sound cloud because it's free and unlike facebook, the file
does not need to be converted to a video format. All the files can be
in one place as well. I've been told Youtube also requires files in a
video format.

Eventually, I hope to do better quality studio recordings and post to
youtube since that's where a lot of stuff gets heard these days, but,
any advice on how to do this more independantly would be a big help.


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