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I have a question. I'm new to ITunes and will actually want to download
apps for my IPhone, if I download them onto my computer through the ITunes
store can I then transfer it to my IPhone from my laptop?
I am using jaws 16 by the way. What is legacy scripts? I'm very new to all
of this scripting thing

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All I can say is wow. The UIA version of these scripts are going to be
fantastic. It opens up the doors to everything I need. It is fast too.
The legacy scripts will follow since it will take more time, but at least
for JAWS 15 and up it is going to be awesome. Still working out issues with
focus, but it appears that things will work better than any previous blind
tunes scripts. Moving columns should work out also as well as sorting by a
specific column. The interface is a little clumbsy without scripts, but
managable. I chose the jaws 15 and up first since it will take less time to
get something out there. Any wishes for the new scripts?
John Martyn

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