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well; if you open skype,

now go into the tools/options,
now go down to, advanced,
you will see that there are hotkys to be used.
in fact, once you check the box that reads,
enable shortcut keys your good to go.
try the following,

1, open skype,
2, alt+t=tools,
3, now press the end key, you should hear; advanced accessibility,
up arrow one time you probably will hear;
advanced hotkeys,
now tab and check the box, enable hotkeys,
now if you tab again you will see the list of hotkeys,


answer call, alt+page up,
hang up, alt+page down,
hope this helps,

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I'll definitely check out the Jaws help materials as you suggest.

If anyone has something else, please send it my way.

It looks like others on the list could use a nice simple Jaws command list

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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Under JAWS help, popular applications with JAWS, there is a section on
Skype. it has some esoteric settings as well as a list of key strokes.

I could use them too, please. send a copy to

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Hi, all.

I have been asked to do an interview for the "Eyes On Success" podcast
series, and they would like to do the interview via SKYPE.

I have SKYPE on my home Windows 7 PC, but have never used it with Jaws.
I have Jaws 14 on that particular computer.

Does anyone have a basic set of Jaws commands for SKYPE?

If so, please send the list to:

Thank you!

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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