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Jimmy Jones

Open Book will run on a net book. I've been using one for quite a while a
long with JAWS. It can be slow at times. Mine has been faithful for sure,
but with the cost of laptops these days I don't know if I'd would buy
another one.

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I've never used a Netbook with Open Book. I have used one with JAWS,
although it was an older XP Netbook. It worked fine, but it was slow.
The biggest drawback to most netbooks is that they are low on memory, and
they're upgradeable but it's not always easy.

I would see a Netbook as more of a stopgap measure than a long-term
solution. I sort of abandoned mine when it wouldn't run the tax website I
needed to do my work.

Brad Martin

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Tom Nachahello my computer running Windows 8 is currently going in the
shop may not come back to two charging port issue I was wondering if a
netbook would be sufficient I am a college student and running open
book 9.0 as well is a netbook sufficient for college withdraws open
book and doing research projects any help would be appreciated thanks
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