Safe mode needed or help when Jaws is silent at start up

Eric Caron <ecaron1@...>

Dear list,

I was making great success with Windows 7 and JAWS 12 in my bootcamp partition. suddenly Jaws stopped talking. this happens occasionally in my experience so I just restarted my computer. I have been restarting a lot as I had done a lot of updating in the past day or so. Just before loosing the sound I was tabbing around in Windows explorer and just prior to that I had used a program called Sharp keys to re map some keys on my key board. I have no sighted assistance so restarting with no sound is a big problem. Luckily when I restart out of the bootcamp partition the Apple side works fine.

Is there a way to start Windows in safe mode? I have forgotten how. Also will Jaws start up in safe mode?

I have some tiny bit of light perception and it seems like windows is doing something but no sound at all not even the windows sound any longer.

I have tried pressing F 12, I think that is volume up. I've tried pressing the start button and arrowing down once then pressing j for jaws. Again no speech.

Unless I get some tips I'll wait until sighted help sometime in the the next few days.

I also tried re starting more then once and unplugged all usb devices but still no sound.

Thanks for any tips or tricks!

Thanks to this list I pretty much had everything in order and was about to start working on MS word when this happened. Rats!


Eric Caron

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