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Absolutely! Besides that, the accessible version of the Amazon doesn't allow you to do account maintenance things. Things such as adding or deleting credit cards, leaving seller feedback, and the like. Wish they would fix the issue but they don't seem to care much. If there is anyone out there who is thinking that you have to advocate for yourself, I certainly have. Many calls and quite a few emails later and still nothing. They just don't seem to care about this. They make an accessible version but won't allow us to do all the same stuff that their regular site does. Is that crazy or just a lack of caring? I think it is them saying, ""We gave you this much. Deal with it as it is or leave". I may be nuts but that's how I see it.


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I don't know if it has improved over the months, but I found useful features lacking in this scaled-down version and gave up on it. This difference was one more reason why all websites should make themselves accessible without siphoning disabled people off to the side somewhere. Separate has long been shown not to be equal.

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Hi All,

I don't know which Amazon website y'all are using but, here's their website
for people using screenreaders:

Take care.
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Yes, we've been having this problem for a couple of weeks.

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Hello to the list, Is anyone having problems with the amazon site, this is
my problem I can add something to my shopping cart, but I cannot complete
checkout or use one click checkout, when I hit enter nothing happens.
else having this problem?

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