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Peter Holdstock <peterholdstock@...>

I'd say that with JAWS 12 now the main facebook site works better than the mobile site because all of the landmarks, navigation keys etc work all the time. It's very consistant and seems to have improved dramatically in the last couple of months but I'm not sure whether that is JAWS 12 or Facebook which has caused the improvements.


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From: Ken Lawrence
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Hi more on Facebook usually use the mobile site because of all the clutter
with all the games and stuff most of which blind can't play but I never had
much trouble with navigating the facebook main site. the only thing I have
run into is the buttons to join groups don't seem to work right and you have
to go to the main site for that. if you just want to take part in the
social network part reading your newsfeeds go to note
no www there. also I think there is a facebook client or clients for the
blind. not sure though

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From: Peter Holdstock
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JAWS 12 is very good with Facebook now. It now even lets you know when
alerts have popped up etc. They are usually at the bottom of the screen. The
H key to jump to headings is the most useful key. Some of the buttons such
as the account button menu means that when you press it other options then
appear below it. Press the down arrow and it will have hyperlinks underneath
it to select from.


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From: Starner, Alicia M.
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Subject: JAWS and facebook

Hello All,

Has anyone successfully used JAWS with facebook? I am a college student and
several of my group members for a research class want to communicate
regarding group assignments via facebook, but I had trouble using facebook.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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