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I don't think you will have any luck with that. The first time I noticed I wasn't able to complete a purchase, I called them, and was told to use another browser. It seemed they knew nothing at all about the accessible site. Once you made your purchase, if you go to the accessible site, the purchases you made will be in your cart, and will be ready for checkout.

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Yes, it looks like the check-out buttons don't work with Jaws any more. "Add
to Basket" and "One-Click Purchase" or "Proceed to Check-Out - none of them
work. Does anyone know how to report these type of issues to Amazon? I've
never been successful in finding a way before.


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Subject: Amazon & Jaws

Hello to the list, Is anyone having problems with the amazon site, this is
my problem I can add something to my shopping cart, but I cannot complete
checkout or use one click checkout, when I hit enter nothing happens. Anyone
else having this problem?

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