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Charles Coe


According to FreedomScientific:
"A Windows 8 based tablet when combined with JAWS is an extremely powerful
yet portable tool for anyone who is on-the-go or looking for a flexible
computing solution. It is important when deciding on which device is right
to consider the different designs and options. It may be beneficial to take
a trip to a computer or electronics store in order to physically hold and
examine several types of tablets to find out which one you prefer. The most
important thing is to make sure it runs a full version of Windows 8 and not
Windows 8 RT. Be sure to examine different styles of keyboards and consider
connectivity issues such as how many USB ports are available. For example,
if you prefer to use USB headphones and will also use other USB devices such
as the PearlR camera with OpenBook, you will need to make sure the tablet
has at least two USB slots. If you will be connecting the tablet to an
Ethernet cable network you will need to make sure it has an Ethernet port or
consider purchasing a USB to Ethernet adapter. Also keep in mind that most
tablets do not have a built-in CD/DVD ROM drive but you can get an external
USB drive instead. Finally, in order to take advantage of the entire array
of JAWS gestures that will be available on the touch screen, you must have a
device that supports at least five touch points. Researching these factors
ahead of time will insure you get the most powerful yet portable solution."

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Hi All,

Sorry for the blank post.

I'm considering purchasing a tablet and was hoping for some recommendations.

I attempted to search the list archives since I recall this topic being
discussed in the past, but wasn't having much success.

So what tablets are people using with jaws?


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