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Loreal Lavigna <Llavigna2@...>

I currently own and am using successfully a Dell Venue 8 Pro with a
Bluetooth keyboard also from Dell. Hope this helps!!!

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I really like the Microsoft Surface. It is fast and about the size of an
iPad. It has only one USB port, but I use a powered hub when I want more
ports. I purchased the keyboard accessory for travelling which doesn't use
up the USB port, and the only thing I don't care for about it is that I
can't disable the touch pad. I hook it up to a standard keyboartd and my
braille display at home.

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Hi All,

Sorry for the blank post.

I'm considering purchasing a tablet and was hoping for some recommendations.

I attempted to search the list archives since I recall this topic being
discussed in the past, but wasn't having much success.

So what tablets are people using with jaws?


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