Re: UEB Braille

Kane Brolin

On 10/5/14, Dennis Clark via Jfw <jfw@...> wrote:
In your post, you mentioned UEB Braille. What is UEB Braille, and will Jaws
be supporting it in some way?
Dennis, I cannot speak to future features of JAWS and do not work for
Freedom Scientific. I just am a fellow user and member of this list.

But UEB stands for Unified English Braille. It is a new standard in
Braille production that is coming to North America, as per a ruling
made a couple of years ago by the Braille Authority of North America.
The UEB code is meant to accommodate literary, scientific,
mathematical, and computer notation--all in one system. You can read
about specifications for the new code at, from where you can get a
book called "The ABCs Of UEB" by Constance Risjord. Sounds as if all
of us who are dedicated to using Braille will need to get onboard with
this in the next couple of years, as more and more publications become
transcribed in this format.

Kind regards,


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