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Marianne Denning

I believe updating can always be a challenge. I went from XP to
Windows 7 and am very comfortable using it. I think there will be
some challenges going from JAWS 12 to 15 but after you learn the new
commands you will be very happy. I have chosen to see what comes
after Windows 8 but many others have made the change and are very
happy. When we switch to UEB braille in 2016 you will need to upgrade
your Duxbury and it may not work with older JAWS.

On 10/5/14, Soronel Haetir via Jfw <jfw@...> wrote:
I would seriously recommend not using XP with any computer connected
to a network. Even before the recent end of official extended support
security issues were only addressed in XP when MS could not ignore
them. I have been very happy with both win 7 and 8.1, though the
latter did require some getting used to.

On 10/5/14, douglasdexheimer via Jfw <jfw@...> wrote:
Hi all. I'm writing in behalf of my older brother who would like to know
how much it would cost to keep me in business if my old desktop computer
should crash or become inoperative. Do your other Jaws and Duxbury users
find other used computers that use the old software and operating systems
(Jaws, DBT, MSWord, Windows XP, 7 or 8, etc.? I've read many complaints
from other users that upgrading created extra complications or
from earlier versions, so we don't want to spend money on products or
software that only create frustrating results. For example, I'm using
9.0 and find it more convenient with my Focus 80 braille display in
applications, as well as checkboxes in certain web pages in Firefox. I
to swap back and forth between Jaws 9 and 12 depending on whether I want
use Word, check off emails using Earthlink, listen to iTunes, etc. I
discovered a bug in the activation process of any new version of Jaws, so
that certain dialogs and checkboxes are inaccessible without sighted
assistance from someone using a mouse. I also assume that upgrading Jaws
requires paying for a new software maintenance agreement, which can cost
to $200.
If it's possible to find another inexpensive computer that uses the same
software I use on my current one (Jaws 9, Windows XP, MSWord 2003, DBT
etc.), my brother and I would be most appreciative; he can fill in all
gaps about my computer, called BAP4Chicago, and its physical hardware, as
well as the specific operating system information, including drivers,
motherboard, CPU, etc. If not, but thorough upgrades are required, we
to be adequately prepared for any changes or drawbacks that may arise, as
well as training needed, before making the necessary purchases. (I've
noticed that upgrading to later versions of Firefox cause more crashes of
the browser; I'll load a page and get a "Mozilla Crash Reporter" dialog.)
Thanks to one and all for their helpful feedback.

Douglas Richard Dexheimer
Chief of Braille Productions
Born-Again Productions
The Friedman Place, Apt.308
5527 N. Maplewood Ave.
Chicago, IL 60625
home phone 773-901-7306
cell phone 913-244-0612
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