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Hello Dianna,
Here are some suggestions I had in my notes.
Mouse Pad turn on and off
1. function key plus F7 for Acers, and Tosheba's have a special button above the mouse pad.
2. control panel
turning the mouse pad on or off
is under the control panel, under "mouse". When you are in the mouse menus,
you will see various tabs starting from the left, but the one you want is
probably at the far right, named
"device settings". Tab once and you are in the list of mouse-type devices
that the computer sees as available. In my case, the mouse pad is the only
device. Tab once again, and you are at the toggle button to "enable" or
"disable". After you press on that, click "apply", then the okay or close
Cheers Kevin.

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Subject: Disabling Touch-pad on Microsoft Surface

I have a Microsoft Surface tablet with a keyboard. The keyboard includes a standard mouse touch-pad. Does anyone know how to disable this less drastically other than removing the mouse driver? I have looked on the microsoft site and can't find anything. In the short term, I have somewhat solved the problem by taping a used-up plastic Starbuck's card over the pad. Any help is gratefully appreciated.

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