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Feliciano G

I just reread this, your version of jaws will work with Internet Explorer 11

Regards, Feliciano

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Often Firefox will work on such sites, and you can probably use the current FF version with your version of JAWS. If you haven't used JAWS with FF yet, it works almost the same way as it does with IE. The JAWS navigation and other shortcut keys all do the same thing. Just remember to open new pages with control-l.

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Hi All!

I have Windows 7 and am using Internet Explorer 8 with JFW 13.

When going to some websites such as Time Warner Cable, I'm told that I'm using a browser which is no longer being supported by the website.

If I update Internet Explorer, would I still be able to use JFW 13 or would I need to update JFW also?

Thanks for your help.


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