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Hello Dennis and all,

A list was set up around the turn of the year. It is intended to cover all Windows systems, and is not specifically for JAWS users.

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Paul Benson.

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Subject: Re: How to point to a different folder for downloads in windows 7

Not sure about the question, but it would help both of us if someone could
tell us where to find a list for blind windows 7 users? Anyone know of one?

Dennis Brown

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Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2014 3:57 PM
Subject: OT: How to point to a different folder for downloads in windows 7
Hi All,

Apologies for the off topic question, but googling hasn't given me the
answer I'm looking for.

When I download a file in internet explorer, I am able to see the
"save as" option that should allow me to point to a target folder
other than downloads. However, I can't figure out how to actually
point to another folder. Jaws seems to have issues reading the folder
names in the save as dialogue. Am I missing something, or is there an
easier way of accomplishing this. I hate having all my files dumped
into a single folder and would really like to know how to make it

Thanks in advance.



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