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Bob W <rwiley45@...>

Hi Raymond.

No question should ever make you feel silly. Right?

I've read some fairly sophisticated proposals for capturing those pesky
balloons, but those proposals don't usually work out too good.

The best way I've found for capturing them is to look in your system tray
with the keystrokes insert+f11, or, as I recently found through another
thread on this list, the keystroke windowsKey+b. The advantage of insert+f11
is that you can do a clean right or left mouse click with it.

This won't always reveal those slippery things, but often does.

Hope this helps.


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I kind of feel silly asking but when JFW comes up and tells you to "press
here" for more information due to the fact it is a balloon popping up, what
is the key stroke to get more information?

Raymond Bishop, NV9B

Philippians 4:6-7

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