JAWS, Win 8.1, and Dell Venue 8 Pro 32 GB

Loreal Lavigna <Llavigna2@...>

Hi guys,

Just got a Dell Venue 8 pro 32 GB tablet with Win 8.1 full installed.
Trying to learn the best way to interact with the apps on this tablet. Can
anyone give me a hand with a couple things???

First off, the mail client. Any tips, tricks, hints, etc. for navigating
and quickly changing settings in this app?

Second, the Facebook app. Same here, but it seems to be all tab navigation
or by way of the touch gestures. Right???

Next, has anyone had any success with the Netflix app, Audible app for
audible.com's audiobooks, etc?

Finally, does anyone have even a beginning list of apps that work well with
JFW 15/16 beta and Win 8.1? Thanks in advance!!!


Loreal Lavigna


Phone: (518)330-5188

Email: LorealLavigna@gmail.com

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