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As mentioned by others, the countif command is yourfriend in this. The
format is =COUNTIF(first cell in the range:last cell in the range, value you
want to count)
The value can be a number, text in quotes, or the contents of another cell.
Note that if you try to count in adjacent columns you can count them all in
one operation by setting the value after the colon to the last cell in the
second column. (or third, forth, etc.)

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Hi all

I have a sheet in excel and I want to do a formula which will first
look at a collem and count how many times the number 50 turnse up then
I want to do the same formaler for another collem then I want another
cell which adds the to together .
so how can this be done?
I have windows 7 and jaws 12

thanks in advance Joe
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