Re: how to enter Forms mode with Jaws15?

Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...>

Hi Marion -- Maybe this link will help. It's the Freedom Scientific page
for using forms:
It's easy to find with Google if you ever need it again.

My strategy is usually to hit the F of shift+F key until I get to the form
control I want, then hit enter to go into forms mode. Tab away from the
control or turn on the virtual PC cursor to leave forms mode.

The main problems I've ran into are Google web pages, like GMail or Google
Calendar. They use forms, but they don't always behave well with JAWS.
Sometimes I have to hit enter twice, or tab away then shift+tab back to the
control and hit enter again. Sometimes I have to route the jaws cursor to
the virtual PC cursor and do the left-mouse-click keystroke, then hit
Enter. In other words, it's not an exact science. Ha ha.

Good luck.
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