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Marianne Denning

APH also has an audio graphing calculator. I like it much better the
the program from Viewplus.

I will be nosy here. Why can't you use nemeth code? It is not as
hard to learn as the braille code. If you have issues with feeling
the braille that is one thing but if you are afraid you can't learn
nemeth code, it is so much better than any computer program, or makes
it much easier to do math.

Do you have a math tutor? What level of math, high school algebra 1,
algebra 2 or college algebra?

I am a teacher of students who are visually impaired so I want to make
the best recommendation possible. You can email me off list so people
who aren't interested don't get all of this mail.

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Wow! Maybe no one cares about this but me, but I can't help but wonder what
my dad would think about something like that. He spent 44 years with Uncle
Sam in electronics--communications equipment. I remember his purchasing an
SR51A for a school in 1973--that was big-time stuff! I'm not surprised that
TI is manufacturing a talking calculator, as they pioneered computer speech
back in the early 1980's. Anybody remember those Telesensory units from 40
years ago?


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The web site he was talking about is
and looks quite interesting.

Here are a few facts about the graphing calculator:
"Audio Graphing Calculator (AGC)
Get the Audio Graphing Calculator
The AGC provides the functionality of handheld scientific calculators
commonly used in the classroom. Operating on a flexible Windows platform and
augmented with audio and tactile feedback, the AGC provides an alternative
for people who cannot effectively use a handheld calculator, or those
seeking a more interactive interface.

The AGC is accessible to anyone who can use a computer, regardless of
ability, allowing the user to concentrate on math, not on learning the tools
to access it.

Universal- use features include:
•Describing of graph shape through audio tones and cues •Speaking menus
•Scalable visual display •Keyboard navigation •Tactile output options

New Features for AGC include:
•Advanced matrix functions
•More powerful expression evaluator
•Ability to locate polar coordinates
•Display multiple graphs and find intersections •Faster computation time
•More statistical functions"

Hope this helps.


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Try the following web site. On the site there is a program called Audio
Graphic Calculator (AGC). Also a demo of AGC.

If you are in need of a talking calculator the Orion TI 36 by Texas
Instruments would be the one to purchase. Or you can use the scientific
calculator on your computer.

Hope this is of help to you.


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hi friends,

SentI have a couple of questions is there any good programs that I can do
algebra on my computer, because I am unable to read braille math of any
kind. and I have been struggling in math, so any suggestions for computer
friendly blind algebra programs would be absolutely appreciate from my
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