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John -- I wanted to turn that crap off back when I could still see. LOL.
And I think Dave's suggestion is the only solution: Disable each system
tray item individually.

Judith -- I'm not quite clear what you're trying to do. You said taskbar,
but then you said insert+F11 which is the system tray (a part of the

If you want to put Mozy in the system tray so that you can get to it with
insert+F11, then that is probably a setting with Mozy that you'll need to
find and enable. Start Mozy and try searching through the properties or

But if you want to pin Mozy to the taskbar, here's what I came up with.
(There might be a better way, not sure.)
1. Launch Mozy so that it's running.
2. Hit control+escape, then escape again, to bring focus to the start
button on the task bar.
3. Hit tab once, to bring focus to the running applications.
4. Hit the right arrow until you get to Mozy.
5. Route the JAWS cursor to the PC cursor. That's jaws+left bracket in
laptop mode.
6. Generate a right mouse click. That's jaws+9 on the number bar in laptop
7. Arrow up or down to the menu item that says "pin this program to
taskbar" and hit enter.

I hope that helps.

On Sun, Sep 14, 2014 at 8:26 AM, j Bron via Jfw <>

I WANT TO PUT Mozy, an offsight backup, on my task bar along with JFW. I
just tried this but can only access the task bar with insert f11. How can
put Mozy and JFW on the task bar? Thanks, Judith

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Tab to your Task bar and press Alt+Enter Then tab to the customize button
There you can enable/disable the various icons.

Dave Carlson
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Does anyone know how to turn this off?
John Martyn

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