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What is this?

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From: Ralph Supernaw
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Subject: Libronix 3

I have used Libronix 3 Bible software sense Logos Systems first released it.
Yesterday I must have unintentionally changed a setting because it's not
working as it did. I did not download an update to Libronix so I know it's
not that. I did update Vista and downloaded IE9 but don't know why that
would affect Libronix.

I have screen echo set to "all". When I move the Jaws cursor across a
highlighted item Libronix pops up the Bible reference, footnote, etc.
associated with the highlighted text. Jaws reads the popped up information.

Beginning yesterday, the popup window is appearing in the middle of the
screen instead of the bottom and Jaws isn't reading it even though screen
echo is still set to "all".

Does anyone who uses Libronix know what setting I've unwittingly changed?


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