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Dee & Rick

Thanks for the speaker info, and while trying your method, I found that I have a secondary function key next to my window key bottom left of key board. (from left to right: control, secondary function key, windows key, alt, space bar). When I hold this secondary function key and press F11 it increases volume, and doing the same using F12 it decreases, and then with only using F13 and no other key it mutes jaws. holy cow! Let me bang my head on the wall now for a while! :)
Although I have jaws set up for laptop use, I can also use jaws key (insert) on my numb pad (this laptop has a numbpad) This allows me to use the caps lock or the insert key depending upon which is easier for what I am doing at the time.
Hope someone else can get some use out of my un-knowledge. soon will be trying to learn ITunes...

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regarding your speakers? Do insert f11 and use right arrow to speakers.
Press enter and page up to increase your

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Subject: first post to list: lots of upgrades hints needed

Hello all, newby here,
I have just recently upgraded from windows XP to windows7, jaws 9 to jaws 12
and desk top to laptop, a learning curve for sure. Therefor, right now
questions will be very basic. I didn't see any rules etc for this list so
let me know if another list would be better.
Right now looking to find how to change volume of speakers on the fly. I'm
use to just turning a knob on my desk top speakers.

When I am downloading digital books from Library of Congress and I go to put
multiple books on my thumb drive, I always get a prompt saying there is
already a folder with that name and click folder I want to keep. I ignore
that prompt, because nothing seems to happen if I do click on it, just tab
to the button saying copy but don't replace, hit space bar, however, I am
constantly brought back to the same prompt until I keep tabbing until I
reach a button that says skip, and then the last 5 seconds of the download
to thumb drive finishes. All books end up on the thumb drive and able to
read just fine but what's up with this?


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