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Dave Durber


HP Laptops do not seem to What!, You do not specify.

I have an HP Laptop. Apart from their, so-called, Enhanced audio, which HP include in their OEM version of the Windows operating systems and, having the function keys, performing media functions, instead of performing the regular function key functions by default, I have no problems with the machine at all.

In some manufacturer's OEM versions of Windows, the function key default behavior can be changed within Windows. On the otherhand, some manufacturers, such as HP, who, in their infinite wisdom, exclude the ability to do this within Windows. Therefore, the only way to change the behavior of the function keys, is through the BIOS.

So, if anyone is thinking of purchasing any brand-name computer system, no matter the manufacturer,, should check with the sales representative, as to the default setting of the function keys. If the behavior of the function keys can only be made through the BIOS, if it is at all possible, make it part of the sale, to have them change the setting of the function keys to the normal function key functions, before you part with your money and take the machine out of the store or have it shipped to you. If that is not possible, either take the computer system to a reputable computer store/shop (you might or might not have to pay a fee) or, ask a knowledgeable friend to make the change. Once the setting has been changed, you do not need to worry about it any more, unless the backup lithium battery runs down completely or, it drops below the minimum voltage where the battery cannot sustain the BIOS at all.

Oh, by the way, I got round the previously mentioned audio problem on my laptop, by replacing the HP OEM version of Windows 7 Professional, with the standard Microsoft version of the Windows operating system.



Dave Durber

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Freedom Scientific won't state which hardware works best with JAWS. Based on comments I've read on this list, I'd steer clear of Hewlett-Packard laptops because they don't seem to.

You'll want to pack in as much RAM as the laptop can support.

Can I suggest that you're more likely to get a wide range of extremely useful advice if you steer clear of politics? People on this list don't seem to take kindly to non-tech opinions. We're here to help and be helped, not to argue.

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My name is Kadia, an israeli blind woman, strongly opposed to the israeli murderous regime .
My question is regarding buying a new laptop.
How do you decide which model to buy?
Do you get any specific recommendations from your Jaws dealers?
if so, what models, system requirements are you guided to buy?
If you wish to contact me directly, you can email to

Thanks for your advice,

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